Tree and Shrub Installation

 Tree, Shrubs, and Flowers

Prestige Landscaping strives to use plant materials that are native to this region, by shopping local nurseries and practicing common sense, we can assure that your landscape is installed to last a lifetime.
Trees and shrubs can add immediate value to your property, but just throwing up a few trees or shrubs without a plan can actually be distracting. Put plenty of thought into your plan and maybe even make a sketch of your ideas, because you are making an investment for the future. Flowers look great framed with larger plants as a backdrop. Get those bigger plants established, then use the flowers for the finishing touch.
Do you have enough space for that tree when it reaches maturity? How about the shrubs?
Is there good drainage where you want to plant that shrub or tree? Do you need to do a little work on that section of the land before actually planting something there?
How about the light? Will the flower get full sunlight? Have you done your homework and are sure how much sunlight your selection can tolerate?
Is the tree going to be the center of attention? Or maybe the shrubs are going to be used to divide up the yard, or to provide privacy.
Trees and shrubs best tolerate installation in the early Spring or during the Fall. Professional installation insures that depth of planting is correct and that root systems are properly established. Irrigation systems are recommended with any large quanity of tree, plant, or sod installations.