Whether you need a new irrigation system installed or repair of an existing system, Prestige Landscaping is the right company to call. We are highly skilled and experienced in irrigation installations and repairs. The ideal irrigation system is one that efficiently supplies the correct amount of water when needed. Automatic sprinklers are convenient and without a doubt will protect your landscape investment. With an irrigation system, your landscape and lawn will be healthier; you will be conserving water, which in turn will reduce your water bill. Irrigation systems help you to have an excellent landscape, keeping it healthy, low maintenance, and beautiful.
New Installations
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We build high quality, commercial grade irrigation systems, with a 2 year warranty.
We will utilize various factors to make the best recommendation for your system.
These include:
Property size, shape, soil type, and elevation
Existing and proposed planting or hardscapes
Summer and winter temperature extremes
Water source, meter size and water pressure
Local plumbing and backflow prevention codes
Most recent water conservation techniques
We are proficient in installation of all systems, but our standard choice is Hunter and/or Rainbird for irrigation. We always use the commercial grade parts offered by these suppliers, not the "off the shelf" grade available to consumers.
Product selection will be based on the approved system plan and your budget.
Generally speaking, pop-up rotors will be used for grass areas while fixed spray, pop-up shrub heads, drip emitters and micro-sprays will be used for non-grass planting areas. The controller will be selected based on number of zones and location (indoor/outdoor) in most cases either a Hunter Pro C, or a Hunter Xcore controller will be used. We also highly recommend using a rain sensor like a Mini Clik or Solar Sync both by made Hunter.

Backflow information:
You are probably going to be required to have a backflow preventer on your irrigation system if your water comes from a “potable” (drinkable) source. If your irrigation water source is considered potable, then in most places it is illegal to not have the proper local authority-approved type of backflow preventer on your irrigation system. If your water source is non-potable (well water), you are not required by law to use a backflow preventer. There are many types of backflow preventers. Almost everywhere the local authorities will dictate exactly what type of backflow preventer you MUST use. A backflow is connected between the water meter and the house. It is the only component at risk of freezing in our area. Therefore we highly recommend a green insulation bag be installed over the backflow to prevent freezing and costly repairs.

Proper installation increases system performance and plant growth while conserving water. We have Rain Sensors to temporarily suspend controller operation during and after a rainfall. We also offer MP Rotator Nozzles designed to save about 30% of water volume as opposed to that used with standard watering cycles. Whenever we do an installation we use the least invasive methods available. For you, this means smaller, well-compacted, trenches, and a neater finished product.
We automatically include a 2 year warranty on parts and labor with each of our systems.

This warranty covers:
Materials and labor
Installation quality
Initial coverage issues- over time heads will require adjustment, you have been provided with a tool and instructions.

This warranty does not cover:
Incorrect programming by owner or seasonal programming adjustments- we will be happy to help with these by phone
Power surges- we can replace the faceplate or the entire controller, but there will be a minimum service charge
Damage to the system by yard equipment
Other contractor work
Vehicle damage
Any disturbance that causes a breach in the system
Any alterations to the system or landscape (these can render the original design ineffective)
Routine adjustments of rotors- over time heads will require adjustment, you have been provided with a tool and instructions.

If option for green insulation bag is not taken then freeze protection is excluded.
Irrigation systems should be run year long. During the dormant/cold season we recommend you run your system once a week for at least 30% of the normal daily run time. You void your warranty if you do not follow this recommendation.