Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need a professional to install sod?
A: Sod is a produce product, it must be installed within 48 hours of being cut (24 hours in warmer temperatures). This may seem doable, if you have never installed sod, but homeowners quickly come to realize they are in over their heads. The reality is it is sod is too costly to let it die on the pallet because you couldn't get it installed in time. In addition, preparing the yard for sod is essential. We have equipment designed to strip and pulvarize the existing soil, turning it back into usable material while leveling and removing debris. We can prep and complete the average residential job in 1 - 2 days.
Q: What about the utility lines in my yard?
A: When installing irrigation we take care of calling to get your yard marked. The following is a list of lines marked by the PALMETTO UTILITY PROTECTION SERVICE, INC.
Electric Power, Gas, Communication, Water, Sewers and Drain Lines.
Q: What is included in an irrigation system?
A: Automatic Controller, Backflow Preventer or backcheck and shut-off valves (depending on where you live), Valves, Sprinkler heads, and a Rain Sensor
Q: Is there a warranty on irrigation systems?
A: We automatically include a 2 year warranty on parts and labor with each of our systems.
If option for a green insulation bag is not taken then freeze protection is excluded.
Irrigation systems should be run year long. During the dormant/cold season we recommend you run your system once a week for at least 30% of the normal daily run time. You void your warranty if you do not follow this recommendation.
Q: How deep do you bury the pipes in the yard?
A: On a residential installation, an "earthsaw" is used. It is a variable depth blade (up to 9") and usually between 5" and 7" deep. The width of the blade is only 1 3/4". The beds are dug by hand with pipe laid close to the foundation so as to not be in the planting area.
Q: How many heads per zone?
A: Each system is different depending on the yard layout. The number of heads varies from zone to zone. The amount of water available from a 3/4" meter is approximately 20gpm (gallons per minute). We tap into the water line between the meter and the house. A rotor uses about 3gpm, so the max number of rotors on a zone is 6 or possibly 7 with some smaller nozzles. Fixed spray pop-ups depend on the types of spray patterns (full circle, 1/2, 1/4, etc...) and can be anywhere from 6 to 20 per zone. We do not mix rotors and pop-ups on the same zone. Zones are determined based on the type of head used, the number of heads needed, and the watering requirements.
Q: Are you using automatic timer/clock and where is it placed?
A: Yes, usually by the A/C unit, where there is an outlet.
Q: How long will the trench lines be seen?
 A: In the Spring and Summer the yard knits over the trench lines in 4-6 weeks.